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Now you can have an awful corporate stock shot starring Vince Vaughn

Technically Incorrect: A marvelous marketing wheeze for a new movie starring Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson consists of cheesy stock photos you can use right now. Sadly, for editorial purposes only.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Beautifullly cringeworthy. Your company needs this image. iStock Photo/Getty

Some images stay in your mind and rot it from the inside.

Among these are images of nattily dressed, perfectly coiffed businesspeople behaving impeccably in order to sell insurance for your farm equipment in Urbana, Ill.

You know the images I mean. You see them in corporate brochures and on Web sites. Executives frozen in time, as if the art director was Madame Tussaud.

I am delirious, therefore, in discovering that these images have been improved. Very slightly.

An excellent marketing move to hype the movie "Unfinished Business" allows you to download images of Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson and others and let them finish your business for you.

Here is Vaughn applauding at a meeting, looking for all the world as if he's been embalmed. There is Franco, arms crossed, as if he's just ousted several older executives to become the head of an actuarial practice in Iowa.

And here is Wilkinson, struggling to conceal his second bottle of Johnny Walker today.

Adweek tells me that the whole thing has been concocted in conjunction with iStock Photo by Getty Images. You can actually download the photos for free. Well, nothing is entirely free. You do have to give Getty some data about yourself.

Still, there are 12 images available and you can immediately take them into your next planning meeting and insist that these are the perfect poses for your next corporate brochure.

I wonder, though, given the mores of the modern world, whether some smart in-house designer will try and slip these images into a real corporate brochure or Web site and insist Vaughn is its new head of business development.