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Now TV Box puts BBC iPlayer on your TV for £10

Sky's Now TV box will bring BBC iPlayer and other smart services to your existing TV for £10.

Fancy piping the new series of Top Gear onto your TV through BBC iPlayer but don't have a smart TV? Step this way, chum, as Now TV will bring iPlayer and a host of other smart services to your existing tellybox and only costs a tenner.

The box both looks and acts a bit like the Apple TV. Simply plug it into your telly over HDMI, connect it up to the internet, and it'll give you access to iPlayer, the BBC News app, Demand 5, Sky News as well as Spotify, Facebook and Flickr. Not bad for a one off payment of ten quid.

The box comes courtesy of Sky, who naturally are hoping that you'll start spending heaps of cash on its own on TV offerings. Six Sky Sports channels are available, showing all the ball-kicking, wheel-turning action you could want, but it will cost you £9.99 per day. That's pretty pricey to pay often, but if you just want to watch the odd footie match with some mates, it's hardly a crippling amount.

Sky Movies is on board too, though you'll again be shelling out a bit more cash. The Sky Movies Pass costs £8.99 per month for the first three months then £15 per month after that. There's no contract though so you can duck out at any time, and Sky says that it has new movies 12 months ahead of Netflix and Lovefilm.

While it's of course possible to spend a small fortune on Sky Sports programmes, the box by itself is great value. It doesn't have access to Netflix -- you'll need to opt for the Apple TV at £90 for that -- but iPlayer and a scattering of apps for a tenner is consideringly cheaper than shelling out for a new smart TV.

What do you think to the box? Interested for ten quid or would you rather splash out on something with a few more functions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.