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Now Sun has a social network server, too

Sun is making a social network server. Why?

I was surprised to read today that Sun just released SocialSite, an open-source social network server similar to Ringside Networks. Per Patrick Chanezon's blog: "Socialsite is an open source (CDDL/GPL) social network server based on Apache Shindig (Java) that implements the database and User Interface for a full fledge social network. Since it is based on Shindig, it implements OpenSocial."

Sounds great, right? My question? Why does Sun have a social network server. Sun makes great technology - lots of it. Does it make too much?

I don't mean to be critical but I have a hard time wrapping my wee brain around how this fits into the larger Sun story of cloud, storage, identity management, etc. If Sun had a stated policy - as Google does - of allowing employees to tinker on projects that interest them for 20 percent of the time, I wouldn't give this a second thought. But I'm not aware of such a policy at Sun.