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Now SimCity for Mac has problems, following PC woes

SimCity has launched for Mac, but it's suffered problems, just as the PC version did back in March. Doh!

Oh, lordy. You'd think Maxis would've ironed out the flaws, after SimCity's disastrous launch on PC saw it beset with bugs. But now the city-builder has made it onto Mac, and gamers are reporting some issues.

The game was released on Thursday. Gamers who snapped up a copy are complaining it doesn't work properly on either old or new Macs, the BBC reports. Glitches include not being able to get the game to install or load, and repeated stuttering once it gets going.

Maxis -- maker of the game -- said a "small number" of players were affected, and sent out updates to fix the bugs. Head to the SimCity support pages, and you'll see a ton of messages from Mac owners saying what's wrong. This person's graphics seem to implode when he or she plays, for example.

Maxis has posted a SimCity Mac install FAQ that it hopes will solve some of the issues.

Maxis also sent out a tweet directing gamers to advice. Some of the problems were due to the Origin software used to play the game, Maxis said. It's updated the software, hoping that'll cure some of the ills.

SimCity was released for PC back in March, and gamers complained of numerous bugs. You had to be connected to the Internet to play the game, which led to servers overloading. EA put out a patch to fix it, but that only brought a whole new tranche of issues, with trees making traffic sounds just one of the new glitches. The game was plagued with so many problems, online retailer Amazon stopped selling it at one point.

Have you played SimCity on your Mac? How has it fared? Are the problems worse than the PC version? And should disgruntled gamers be offered a refund as recompense? Let me know in the comments, or on our glitch-free Facebook page.