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Now robots are delivering our takeout meals

For the first time, a robot has successfully delivered a takeout meal in London.

Getty Images for Just Eat

An autonomous robot delivered a meal to a hungry customer in London, an achievement that should cheer couch potatoes in search of snacks beyond a bag of chips.

UK food delivery service Just Eat sent the six-wheeled robot by Starship Technologies to Turkish restaurant Taksim Meze to pick up the order. (It was falafel and lamb cutlets, if you're curious.) The robot then made its way to the customer with the precious cargo safely protected from peckish thieves in a locked compartment.

First shown off at Mobile World Congress back in February, the robot uses a variety of cameras, sensors and GPS trackers to navigate its way along the pavements to its destination. The customer was given a code to unlock the droid once it arrived.

Just Eat says it wants to use the robots more often across London in 2017.

Robots may eventually overthrow us measly humans, but for the time being they seem content bringing us our meals.