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Now my mom has started Facebooking

Facebook has clearly gone mainstream when my mom starts using it to IM me.

I don't know who did it, but someone taught my mom how to instant message people through Facebook. I have Facebook IM delivered through Adium, my open-source IM client for the Mac, and was surprised to have Vicky Asay (aka "Mom") blistering me with IMs about politics and family at 7:30 AM.

My mom ("mother," for the Northeasterners reading this :-) lives in Argentina and feels a bit disconnected from her family at times. No more.

My computer time will never be the same. Nor will Facebook. The fact that my mom has discovered how to use it to keep up with her kids tells me that it has gone very mainstream indeed.

Disclosure: Despite being an ardent conservative, I voted for Obama, too. So don't castigate me for my comment above. :-)