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Now hear this: Save $15 on the new AirPods Pro (Update: Expired)

Surprise! It's a rare discount on Apple's latest earbuds.

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Apple Airpods Pro

Amazon is offering a $14 discount on the new AirPods Pro.

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Just months after the release of the second-generation AirPods, the new AirPods Pro have also arrived. (Read our in-depth AirPods Pro review here.) It's easy to argue that the AirPods Pro are everything that those other AirPods should have been, and if you're like me, you might be tempted to buy them -- but stopped cold by that $249 price tag. Well, there's some relief for that. Amazon is offering the brand-new AirPods Pro for $234.99. Update: The price is back to $249, but we'll keep our eyes out for similar deals elsewhere.

This isn't the AirPods Pro's first discount rodeo. Last week, Costco and Amazon both offered this same deal, but Costco sold out and Amazon's discount ended. Amazon is back, though, with the same offer for AirPods Pro.

Are the new AirPods Pro worth it? That's debatable. Even at $235, Apple is asking a lot for a pair of earbuds, but this new model ups the ante with interchangeable silicone ear tips and active noise cancellation, as well as a Transparency Mode that allows ambient sound to pass through. And these earbuds are sweat and water resistant with an IPX4 rating, which is better than the older AirPods, which can break if you wear them while listening to a sea shanty.

If you find even $235 ludicrous for a set of earbuds, Cheapskate Rick is here to help. Check out his 5 alternatives to the AirPods Pro that cost less.

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This article was originally published earlier today and has been updated.