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Novell tool for all databases

The networking software firm announces an agreement with B2 Systems to offer software that allows users to view data from disparate machines.

Networking software provider Novell (NOVL) announced an agreement with B2 Systems to offer a software tool that allows users to query a variety of databases.

The middleware software will be sold by Novell as the SQL Integrator for NetWare and will be offered in beta form for free to attendees of next week's BrainShare '98 user conference.

The software runs on a NetWare-based system, but allows a variety of databases housed on disparate machines to be viewed as one single database by users. It can access databases running on Unix, NetWare, or Microsoft's Windows NT operating system.

Jim Greene, manager of product marketing at Novell, believes the tool could boost sales of NetWare servers, since most large organizations have a variety of in-house databases and the B2 software runs particularly well on the operating system.

SQL Integrator essentially directs calls for data to the appropriate database, serving as a traffic cop for queries. Similar takes on the functionality are offered by several companies in the industry, including database player Sybase and middleware company Visigenic Software.

The final version of the product is expected to ship in May, with prices starting at $6,495.