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Novell to buy PlateSpin management software

The $205 million acquisition of PlateSpin's automated provisioning and disaster recovery products would help Novell flesh out its management software.

Novell said Monday it plans to acquire PlateSpin for $205 million in cash, a move that could bolster Novell's software for helping customers manage their computing operations.

PlateSpin's software is used to encapsulate software and data running on a physical or virtual server, an infrastructure designed to make it easier to reconfigure hardware and software on the fly in response to equipment failures or changing work needs. The software also can handle the automated installation process called provisioning.

Novell, based in Waltham, Mass., is trying to rebuild its financial health by focusing on two main software areas, Linux and management software. The PlateSpin acquisition, which fits into the latter category, is expected to close in the second quarter of Novell's fiscal 2008, which concludes at the end of April.