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Novell rolls out Java toolkit

The networking giant's Novell Developer Kit provides tools that developers need to build applications that use Novell's directory-enabled platform and services.

Novell today gave an early Christmas present to Java developers.

The networking giant rolled out the Novell Developer Kit which provides a variety of tools that developers need to build applications that use Novell's directory-enabled platform and services, including NetWare, Novell Directory Services (NDS), GroupWise, and ManageWise, the company said.

The new kit is the single source for Novell's application programming interfaces (APIs) and allows access to Novell's directory, network, Internet, and management services. Developers can use C/C++, Java class libraries, and Enterprise JavaBeans, or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, JavaScript, and Perl.

Novell has been a longtime supporter of Sun Microsystems' Java language, and said today that the toolset represents a further commitment to the language and its worldwide army of developers.

"We completely support the standard JDK definition and will include Sun's JDK 1.2 in the Novell Developer Kit in mid-1999. We are committed to tracking Sun's releases of Java with as little lag time as possible," Chris Stone, senior vice president of corporate strategy and development, said in a statement.

Sun yesterday rolled out the next version of its Java technology on the first day of its three-day Java Business Expo. The company announced the availability of Java 2, formerly code-named JDK 1.2, which brings improvements to Java's security, graphics, sound, user interface offerings, and other components. In addition, the new version will have faster performance, Sun executives said.

The Novell Developer Kit is available for free download from Novell's Java developer site and will be updated every six weeks, the company said.