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Novell opens wallet to Net start-ups

The networking software provider makes minority investments worth $15 million in five Internet start-ups, including Red Hat and W.R. Hambrecht.

    Networking software provider Novell today made minority investments in five Internet start-ups worth $15 million.

    Under the company's Novell Ventures unit, Novell took a minority stake in Internet and network software companies, including Edgix,, Indus River, Red Hat, and W.R. Hambrecht.

    Novell investment partners will help create products and Internet services that take advantage of Novell Directory Services (NDS) and other Novell networking technologies for quicker deployment and developments, the company said.

    For instance, Novell said it's working with Boston-based network services provider Indus River and its Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology, which enables businesses to cut communications costs by facilitating wide-area network (WAN) connections over the public Internet. Novell said the two companies will work together to enable remote users connection to the network in a more cost-effective manner than the traditional dial-up method.

    With its investment in New York-based Edgix, Novell said it will work with the Internet content provider by providing Novell Internet Caching System (ICS) to help deliver faster access to information and data over networks.

    "Novell Ventures provides a vehicle through which we can accelerate directory developments that enhance the value our customers derive from their business networks and the Internet," Christopher Stone, a Novell senior vice president, said in a statement.