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Novell opens up tech support for Linux

Continuing its open-source push, the software maker plans to start offering tech support for SuSE Linux and its other Linux products.

Novell is adding enterprise-level help for its Linux products to its Premium Service technical support program.

The service program, which offers different levels of remote and managed support for large businesses running Novell software, will be expanded to its SuSE Linux operating system and other Novell Linux products, the software maker said Wednesday.

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As the program supports a customer's entire installation, rather than being linked to specific products, enterprises would be able to install additional Linux desktops or servers without signing new support contracts, according to Novell.

The software maker also introduced Linux technical support options for smaller companies. Those customers can now buy support for a single system running SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. In addition, the new Small Business Linux Support service will provide technical help for Novell SuSE Linux and Ximian server and desktop products to businesses with small Linux usage.

Novell, now based in Waltham, Mass., has recently become a bigger player in the Linux landscape, particularly after its acquisition of SuSE Linux. It continues to push open-source development by releasing source code of critical software that could make it much easier for corporate users to make the shift from Microsoft's Windows to Linux.

Novell's Premium Service offers multiple service-level options, ranging from basic phone support to dedicated, on-site support engineers. The company has 10 customer support centers worldwide, including centers in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.