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Novell in deal with Tivoli Systems

Network software provider Novell gains another partner in its push to propel third-party interest in its directory services technology.

Network software provider Novell gained another partner in its push to propel third-party interest in its directory services technology.

IBM enterprise management software subsidiary Tivoli Systems has agreed to integrate some of its administration tools with Novell Directory Services, or NDS. The latest move follows a slew of networking-related partnerships for Novell, including Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, and Nortel Networks.

The company wants to spur interest in NDS as a central point for software from third parties to tie into. A directory is essentially a database of intricate information about users, systems, and applications. That data can then be manipulated by programs that tie into directory software.

Tivoli plans to integrate the Tivoli Inventory, Tivoli Software Distribution, and Tivoli User Administration components of its Tivoli Enterprise suite of management tools with NDS. Tivoli will also build a management "agent" for Novell's NetWare operating system, allowing Tivoli to better manage NetWare systems.

Novell will, in turn, provide integrated links between its ManageWise desktop management suite of software and Tivoli's tools.

Novell and Tivoli executives said the results of the partnership will appear in the first quarter of next year.

Chris Stone, Novell's executive vice president of strategy and corporate development, said the partnership provides "the enterprise mechanism in the middle" given Tivoli's strength at providing management software for large corporate networks.

The two companies also pledged, as part of the pact, to jointly work on standards through bodies like the Internet Engineering Task Force.