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Novell boosts clustering support

The company plants its flag in the clustering market by announcing a pair of packages to boost system reliability and lessen downtime.

Novell planted its flag in the clustering market today by announcing a pair of packages to boost system reliability and lessen downtime.

The company said that it is planning two software packages to better support clustering on networks running its software.

Orion Phase I, the first release of the company's clustering software, will ship at the end of June, Novell said. Another clustering product, StandbyServer Many-to-One for NetWare, is expected to ship in late May.

The new software is intended to protect mission-critical network data in the event of hardware and software failures.

Orion Phase I will support two active servers running Novell's NetWare operating system. The software is meant to eliminate the need for a dedicated inactive server for backup use. Pricing details will be announced in June.

Orion Phase II, which will add support for multiple nodes, will be supported by NetWare 4.11 and 5.0. It is slated to ship in the fourth quarter.

Novell's StandbyServer Many-to-One, a multinode version of the currently shipping StandbyServer product, lets a single server protect multiple mission-critical servers from failures. The software mirrors data from primary servers to a standby machine, so that if a primary system fails, all data will be preserved on a backup machine.

StandbyServer Many-to-One will cost $6,999, the company said.

Separately, Novell today announced plans to ship directory-enabled management of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses through its NetWare Directory Services software later this year.

The company will also submit a standards proposal for directory integration with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The protocol is used to keep track of a user's set of network addresses, such as Internet addresses. Novell will submit the proposal to both the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Desktop Management Task Force.