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Nothing to sneeze at: Paper napkin iPhone cases

If you are one of the many case junkies who is always looking for something new, cool, or interesting to wrap around your iPhone, Etsy store Nap Page may be for you.

Nap Page

One can find an Apple iPhone case made from just about anything. From bamboo to leather to rubber to plastic, the world's manufacturing materials are very well-represented in options for your iDevice covers.

A case material that may not jump out as an obvious choice is being utilized by a company out of Thailand to sell its iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases on Etsy. That material is a paper napkin.

It may be what you've scribbled your offer to purchase a multibillion-dollar company on and slid across a lunch counter table, but it's also being turned into iPhone cases through a process called decoupage.

Decoupage consists of creating a mold by wrapping a form with a material (in this case, the paper napkin of your choice) then using lacquer to create layers of progressively harder protection around that material. Nap Page's iPhone cases are handmade using this process and use a variety of colorful napkin bases.

And though the process is not difficult or particularly expensive, $20 for a case that's already ready could well be worth it. You can check out over 150 designs on Nap Page's Etsy store. What's your favorite iPhone case? Let me know in the comments!