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Not your average magic wand

Coiled Watering Wand makes watering your indoor herb garden easier.


One of my longtime goals is to make my own herb garden, but I seem to have the black thumb of death. No matter what kind of plant I try to grow, they always seem to end up crunchy, wilted, and pathetically small.

I do have one plant that is still living, a large potted plant in my living room that I'm watching for a friend on vacation. Watering it is a big pain, however, because I don't own a watering can, so I have to repeatedly fill up a glass and dribble it over the roots when it's time to water it.

This wouldn't be the case with this coiled contraption, the Watering Wand. Available in 30- or 50-foot lengths, it's capable of watering every plant within reach (which means everywhere, if you're in my Brooklyn apartment). It has multiple settings, including fine mist and steady stream, and can reach hanging plants if the need arises. It also fits directly on the sink spout, eliminating the need for buckets, cans, or in my case, a drinking glass.

The Coiled Watering Wand costs between $35 and $45 dollars, depending on which size you buy. It's available on SkyMall's Web site.