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Not quite Dick Tracy's watch, but closer

It's not a two-way radio, but at least this wrist walkie-talkie isn't a phone.


The proliferation of watch phones in the last year has given rise to countless Dick Tracy analogies, including many in this space. But the truth, as every schoolboy knows, is that the storied device created by Chester Gould in the '40s was never a phone at all--it was a two-way radio.

So for those who are really big fans of the strip, here's a wrist-bound gadget that comes a lot closer to the iconic original: a walkie-talkie watch. According to 7Gadgets, this pair has a range of more than 1 kilometer, supports multiple channels, and has rechargeable batteries.

The old-fashioned LCD readout and truck-tire black finish aren't much to look at, but Tracy was always all business anyway. We just wonder what the uber-detective would have thought if he knew that his communications device of the future, or at least something that resembles it, would be mass-produced in China.