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Not much music at Macworld 2008

Apple introduced some great looking products at Macworld 2008, but music wasn't the focus.

Music was hardly mentioned in today's Macworld keynote by Steve Jobs.

Apple announced a significant update to iTunes--movie rentals--but not much new with music. Apple

iTunesgot a major update, but it wasn't related to music--rather, Apple introduced movie rentals starting at $2.99. The biggest limitation seems to be the requirement to finish the movie within 24 hours of starting it--contrast this with Netflix, which gives you physical DVD rentals and 6,000 on-demand movies over the Internet without any time limit, starting at $4.99 per month. Apple TV is also becoming a much more interesting product, with no personal computer required to rent movies direct from iTunes. (Netflix and LG announced a similar product on Jan. 2, but it looks like the revamped Apple TV will get to market first.) And the MacBook Air is sure to inspire gadget lust in all but the most resistant tech consumers.

It wouldn't have made much sense for Apple to introduce a new iPod, given that its latest line up just came out in September, and DRM-free music on iTunes is reportedly being held up in negotiations with the record labels. So, with plenty of other news to announce, music took a back seat this year.

Also: 4 million iPhones sold. That's a great start for Apple, but it'll be interesting to hear whether iPhone+iPod sales in the December quarter grew as fast as iPod sales did from '05 to '06, or whether the law of large numbers is starting to kick in.