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Not making enough money from patents? Here's help

Ever wonder how to use patents to make money without actually building compelling products? Law Seminars International can help.

In case you're worried that you haven't been squeezing enough money from your patent portfolio lately, Law Seminars International has a deal for you:

Forget about trying to make money by selling actual products into a tight economy. Just sue your competitors! At worst, you can use scare tactics against the foolish:

Like land speculators, patent investors are investing billions of dollars to amass assets that they intend to monetize for a substantial return. This massive influx in available capital is providing patent owners with increasing opportunity to make money from their inventions, as well as allowing companies and patent investors to obtain quality patents much more efficiently than before.

Forget about providing customer value. It's time to pillage customers and competitors alike by amassing and harvesting patent portfolios. You, too, can be a patent troll. Sign up today!!!