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Not long after promotion, Microsoft's Lees leaves VP role

Andy Lees, the company's vice president of corporate strategy and development, will be taking on a new role at Microsoft when he comes back from sabbatical.

Microsoft's Andy Lees.
Microsoft's Andy Lees. Microsoft

Andy Lees, Microsoft's vice president of corporate strategy and development and a rising star within the company, has stepped down from the post just months after getting it, according to a new report.

Lees won't be leaving Microsoft altogether, but will go on sabbatical to return to his family in the U.K., All Things Digital is reporting. When he returns, Lees will have a new position within Microsoft. What that position will be, however, is unknown at this point.

Prior to being promoted to vice president to head up corporate development and strategy, Lees led Microsoft's Windows Phone division. It's unclear whether it was Microsoft's decision or Lees' decision to take on another position.

According to All Things Digital, Microsoft managing director Marc Brown will head up Microsoft's corporate development, while Charlie Songhurst lead the company's strategy team.