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Not just Nest: Haiku's smart ceiling fans now work with Ecobee thermostats, too

A new integration between Haiku and Ecobee will let you sync your smart ceiling fans up with your cloud-connected HVAC system.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Smart ceiling fans and smart thermostats are an obvious connected cooling combo. Now, in addition to working with Nest, the Haiku line of smart ceiling fans will work with the Ecobee3 smart thermostat, too.

Here's how it works. The Haiku ceiling fans have separate algorithms for heating and cooling. In cooling mode, they do what you'd expect a ceiling fan to do and make the room feel cooler by circulating air. In heating mode, they'll slowly spin backward to harvest warm air above the fan, and then slowly distribute that warmer air throughout the room when they sense your presence.

With the Ecobee integration, the fans will automatically switch between heating and cooling modes as you dial the thermostat up and down. Additionally, you'll be able to monitor and control your Ecobee thermostat from the Haiku app, as you can with Nest thermostats.

However, you can't let Ecobee borrow the Haiku's temperature and presence sensors to help it keep track of room-specific climate and occupancy data. Representatives from both Haiku Home and Ecobee tell CNET that it's a feature they're looking into.