Not just another brick in the wall

Hidden Kitchen by June He can be completely stowed away, leaving a tiled wall mosaic

It's not Tetris, it's breakfast. Yanko Design

Every once in a while, a kitchen is designed that transcends the modern realm and rises straight into the world of oddities worthy of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."

No, that isn't a life-sized Tetris board: you're looking at the Hidden Kitchen by June He. The kooky kitchen can be hidden inside the wall, including pull out cabinets, drawers, and a full worktable.

The worktable includes a removable cutting board, a folding faucet, an induction cooktop with two cooking surfaces, and a pull out garbage can. The worktable is on unidirectional wheels, so you can tuck the whole thing into the wall when you're not using it. You can also customize the tiles to fit your style.

The hideaway kitchen would definitely do well in any place that's short on space (it would combine well with your collapsible bicycle and your Murphy bed). However, if you're looking for the highest in high-tech, then perhaps you should look elsewhere: the design's camouflage capability comes at the price of sacrificing other amenities, including a significant amount of cabinet and counter space.

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