Norton Utilities 4.01 counterfeit patch

Norton Utilities 4.01 counterfeit patch


In case you missed it amidst all the Mac OS 8.5 hoopla, Symantec released Norton Utilities 4.01 last week. It is designed to fix both the 23005 error and FWB HDT 2.5x driver-related problems.

However, Dave Lewis (of Symantec) warns that there is a counterfeit 4.01 update floating around. It doesn't really update NDD to 4.01; it just installs additional resources into the NDD resource fork. It does not properly change the version number, and text in the installer claims it fixes bugs that do not even exist. How do you know you have the wrong patch?

Symantec's NDD Patch

  • 400k (409,081 bytes)
  • Installed by Aladdin's Stuffit Installer Maker
  • Changes the version from 4.0 to 4.01 in the Get Info window
  • Accurately describes the issues the patch addresses
  • Can be downloaded from Symantec's Web site

The Fake Patch

  • 1MB (1,150,198 bytes)
  • Installed by MindVision's Installer Vise
  • Does not change version number in the Get Info window
  • claims to fix bugs that don't exist.
  • The bogus patcher claims that NDD 4.0 has issues with Stuffit, Disk Doubler and external SCSI disks but this is not true.
  • Can NOT be found at Symantec's Web site.

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