Norton 3.2.4 Update patch doesn't update 3.2.3

Norton 3.2.4 Update patch doesn't update 3.2.3


The instructions for the recently posted Norton Disk Doctor 3.2.4 Update patch say that the patch only works with NDD 3.2 and 3.2.1. However, several readers have written to say that they have NDD 3.2.3 and that the Update will not apply the patch to this version. Gene Steinberg (America Online Forum Leader, Mac Multimedia Zone) writes that Norton Utilities 3.2.3 is an international version of the program.

Update: Here the official answer from Symantec's Brian Foster:

"3.2.1 is the latest shipping English version of NDD. 3.2.3 is the current version number of the Japanese vesion of NUM. 3.2.3 only included changes made for support of the double byte character set. There will be a patcher available for the Japanese version of NDD when MacOS 7.6 ships in Japanese (~end of Feb.)

If you are receiving reports that indicate that there are US customers with non-localized versions of 3.2.3, please have them contact our support department."

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