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We figured out which social network is worst for your soul

On this week's debate party, Jeff takes on Ben Fox Rubin to understand the new Palm thing, the ethics of Google's call screening, and which social network is the worst.

CNET's new debate show, Nope, Sorry, is back with episode 2. This week, Jeff goes head to head with Senior Reporter Ben Fox Rubin to discuss a smattering of relevant, hard-hitting topics. Our judge for this episode is Vanessa Hand Orellana!

  • What the hell is the deal with this new Palm thing?
  • Is Google's new call-screening feature a life-saver or just creepy?
  • Which social network is the worst for your well being?

If you'd like to submit a topic for debate on next week's show, that's wonderful. You can submit one in the comments section on YouTube.