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Nook goes HD to face-off with Kindle

Barnes & Noble introduces new Nook tablets, the Wikipad tablet goes after gamers, and "The Instagram Song" pokes fun at the filter-obsessed.

Wednesday's CNET Update puts a filter on it:

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Barnes & Noble added two Nooks to the tablet family that have better screens and faster processors. Arriving in October, there's the 7-inch Nook HD (starting at $200 with 8 GB) and the 9-inch Nook HD+ (starting at $270 with 16 GB). They weigh in lighter than the competition and both have slots to add your own memory cards. But neither has a camera.

Gamers will be interested in the Wikipad, 10.1-inch tablet that has a controller dock with two analog sticks, a directional pad and four buttons. It costs $500 and comes out October 31, and retail stores like GameStop are taking preorders. It can download games from the Google Play store as well as Nvidia's Tegra Zone store and the Playstation Mobile Platform.

Foursquare users have been able to get mobile push notifications when a friend checks-in nearby. But if you want push notifications for a friend in a different city, you now have that option. Go to a friend's profile on and select notifications to be "Always On." That way you can get pop-ups about what your distant loved ones are doing, live vicariously through someone's vacation, or just have some good ol' fashioned cyber-stalking.

California is allowing Google's self-driving cars to go on public roads, just as long as there's someone licensed sitting in the driver's seat. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he sees self-driving cars becoming available to the public in five years.

Attention hipsters with iPhones: Instagram has an update that ditches live filtering. Now filters must be chosen after a photo is taken. If you're one of the filter-obsessed (or could care less), you'll get a laugh out of "The Instagram Song (Put a Filter on Me)."


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