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Nook Color turned into in-dash car stereo

A hacker/modder has turned his "rooted" Nook Color into an in-dash car stereo system with other perks.

When it released the Nook Color last year, we're not sure Barnes & Noble envisioned anybody turning its e-reader into an in-dash car stereo system, but that's just what one creative DIYer, juicedigital, has done.

As you can see from the video demo, this is not your standard issue Nook Color but one that's been hacked, or "rooted," with custom firmware that opens up the tablet to run Android apps. What's interesting to note about the demo is that at one point you see Google Maps up on the screen, which has people theorizing that you could turn the Nook Color into a GPS navigation device if you could pair it via Bluetooth with a cell phone and share its GPS. But the Nook Color doesn't have Bluetooth, right?

Well, not officially, but it apparently ships with a dormant Bluetooth module that some hackers over at have already found a way to activate.

Of course, Barnes & Noble's isn't exactly encouraging folks to root its device and find creative uses for it--like installing it in your car's dashboard--but it's yet to try to crack down on the hacking.

For those Nook Color owners awaiting an official firmware upgrade that adds a Barnes & Noble curated Nook App Store, it's due to arrive soon, we just don't know exactly when.

(Via Android Community)