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Nook Color back in stock at

While the Nook Color's availability remains spotty, you can now order it without any delay from the Barnes & Noble Web site.

B&N has removed the "ships in two weeks" label from its buy button. Barnes & Noble

A few days ago we reported on a rumor that the Nook Color wouldn't be available for two weeks, possibly crimping Valentine's Day sales. Well, while supply at Barnes & Noble's stores remains spotty, with some stores having plenty and others having none, Barnes & Noble has now removed the "ships in two weeks" label from the buy button on its Web site. It's still listed as backordered at, but it appears that you can now get the Nook Color without delay through

Some suggested the delay was due to an inventory glitch while others floated the rumor that Barnes & Noble was pulling the Nook Color out of stock to install a "fix" that would prevent people from "rooting" the device to run custom firmware that allows you to access the Android Marketplace. Some posters even claimed that a bad batch of devices shipped from China had caused the supply problems. We're not sure we'll get an answer from Barnes & Noble as to what's really going on (yes, we have placed calls), but the Nook Color does seem to be in high demand.

In other Nook Color news, some posters have been bragging how they've gotten a Nook Color for half price by using a loophole in a Barnes & Noble Groupon offer that involves stacking Groupon gift cards to purchase the Nook Color.

We suspect Barnes & Noble and Groupon will close that loophole soon if they haven't already. However, it does remind us a little of the golden deal days of the dot-com bubble. Anybody remember Flooz? Or those half-price Sega Dreamcasts at Urbanfetch?