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Nominations now open for awards

The 2009 Community Choice Awards nominations process just opened, with some interesting new categories.

SourceForge, despite competition, remains the leading repository for open-source projects. Many of the world's best open-source projects--JBoss, MySQL, SugarCRM, and others--start there, and plenty never leave.

For these reasons and others, each year I look forward to the Community Choice Awards, which allow the open-source community to vote on the industry's top projects. SourceForge has just announced that nominations are now open for the Community Choice Awards 2009.

While such direct democracy has yielded some odd choices in the past, the competition remains one of the best places to discover up-and-coming open-source projects.

This year, the Community Choice Awards get a few new categories, as well as some old favorites:

  • Best Project
  • Best Project for the Enterprise
  • Best Project for Gamers
  • Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Tool or Utility for Developers
  • Best Commercial Open Source Project
  • Best Project for Academia
  • Best Project for Multimedia
  • Best Project for Government
  • Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything
  • Best New Project

I really like the expansion to include commercial open-source projects as a specific category, and I think it's telling that there's now a category for government, which has seen such significant adoption in open source in the past few years, as well as academia. Open source is quickly branching out beyond its foundations in infrastructure software, and the awards categories reflect this.

Nominations will be accepted until May 29, and the 10 projects with the most nominations in each category will become finalists. The winners will be announced at a party held at the Agenda Lounge in San Jose, Calif., starting at 6 p.m. PDT on July 23 during the week of OSCON.

I'll be there. Will you? Regardless, nominate your favorite open-source projects now.

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