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Nokia's Series 60 phones get Flash

Phone maker will add Macromedia Flash to its smart-phone software to let developers work on new applications.

Nokia plans to integrate Macromedia's Flash technology into its Series 60 platform for smart phones, the two companies announced Friday.

As part of the agreement, Macromedia will develop new versions of its mobile Flash technology on Series 60. Developers will be able to work on Flash content and applications for mobile devices, the companies said.

Nokia also said it will support Flash in its other software platforms.

The two companies will also come up with mobile-development tool sets for developers to create Flash content for mobile devices. Series 60 is built on the Symbian operating system and has been licensed by phone makers including Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens.

"This co-operation will also address the requirements of the operators who have developed solutions using Flash. The availability of rich Flash content and applications will help drive the adoption of smart phones," Antti Vasara, Nokia's vice president for mobile software, said in a statement.

Macromedia has been working with mobile content developers and phone companies to bring its technologies to smart phones.