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Nokia's 'Prism' gets new angle: a clamshell

The odd-looking handset gets even odder.


It's been several months since we first saw Nokia's geometrically influenced "Prism" mobile phones, and we're still not sure how we feel about those odd triangular and diamond-shaped buttons. And just to make matters more confounding, the handset maker has come out with a clamshell model that looks even weirder.

The "7070 Prism" is a more affordable version of its high-end siblings, which even acquired some French artistry earlier this year. MobileWhack says the $80 clamshell isn't all that different either--other than the folding form, of course--including such features as a built-in speaker, voice recorder, and support for MP3 ringtones.

Pricing aside, the next iteration seems obvious: An entire handset shaped like a triangle.