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Nokia's Comes With Music service signs Warner label

Nokia now has three of the top four largest recording companies.

Warner Music Group, the third largest music label, will license music to Nokia's Comes With Music service, a Warner Music spokeswoman confirmed Monday.

Nokia now only lacks EMI's participation in the service, which offers unlimited free access to music for a full year.

During that time, users will be able to transfer their Comes With Music library to a PC as well as to a new Nokia handheld, but they won't be able to transfer it to iPods or other non-compatible devices.

At the end of the year, Nokia users won't lose their music. It will live on their computer or Nokia device for as long as they own them. To acquire new music after the year is over, Nokia phone owners can either purchase downloads from the Nokia Music store or join the company's subscription service.

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The Comes With Music service won't be ready until later this year.

In contrast, Verizon's V Cast service announced Monday that it has begun selling downloads from all four major labels. Not only that, but the music sold is free of copy protection software and will play on iPods and other digital music players.

To this point, selling DRM-free music hasn't proven to be much help for Apple competitors but it's probably better than a service that ties consumers to one device, regardless of how much free music they are given.