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Nokia's Bluetooth bonanza

Nokia shows a of gallery of Bluetooth music products at CTIA.

Nokia's Bluetooth products
Nokia's Bluetooth products CNET Networks

Nokia has always been pretty creative with its Bluetooth products, and at CTIA the company showed several new and existing products designed to capture the wireless functionality that Bluetooth brings. The gizmos were under a glass cube, but we still managed to take a close look.

Front and center in the lower left corner of the photograph is the Nokia MD-5W Bluetooth stereo speakers. When paired with a music phone that supports stereo Bluetooth (it doesn't have to be a Nokia handset), you can blare or stream music from your phone into the public realm. For more private listening, the Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-501 sits just behind the speakers, while the slick Nokia BH-500 Bluetooth headset sits in the front center. To the right of BH-501s is the MD-3 Nokia minispeakers. Also powered by Bluetooth, the MD-3 mini speakers lack the music controls of the MD-5W stereo speakers.

And if you don't have Bluetooth on your music phone (though you really should), the V-shaped product in the upper left corner is the Nokia MD-4 wired minispeaker.