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Nokia X3 Touch and Type: Same name, different game

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type combines a touchscreen and 12-button keyboard in a slim aluminium package, for when you just want a phone

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type may sound familiar -- it's got the same name as the Nokia X3 slider that came out in February. But this new X3 looks very different, with a widely spaced four-by-three keyboard and a touchscreen.

Nokia is plugging the X3 Touch and Type as a simple, inexpensive mobile for when "you just want a phone". We can definitely get behind that, and we like the combination of a familiar, easy keyboard with an intuitive touchscreen -- but we'll have to wait to get our hands on the X3 before we'll commit.

The X3 is a whippet-thin 9.6mm thick, with a brushed aluminium back cover that will come in five colours. Wi-Fi and 3G will keep you connected, while a music player and FM radio keep you entertained.

A 5-megapixel camera for shooting stills and video rounds out the X3, and there's space for a 16GB memory card to store your snaps.

Nokia says we can expect the X3 Touch and Type this autumn, and that it will be an affordable €125 (£104) SIM-free.

The more important question is -- will Nokia will be naming all of its phones 'X3' from now on, or what? There are plenty of other combinations of letters and words to choose from, Nokia.