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Nokia X2: Super-simple music hero

It might be as simple as Cheryl Cole's Bumper Book of Puzzles, but the X2 is a cheap and cheerful way of listening to your manufactured, auto-tuned pop on the go

Nokia's purloined the name of its new music phone from the superior second X-Men movie, but the X2's conspicuously lacking in superpowers -- it's as simple as Cheryl Cole's Bumper Book of Puzzles.

A bog-standard candybar design and small 2.2-inch screen belie a surprisingly full set of music features, though. It has dedicated music keys on the side, an FM radio, up to 16GB of storage and dual speakers for full bus-annoying capability. Should you have the decency to keep your choons to yourself, headphones can be connected by Bluetooth 2.1 and a 3.5mm port.

That's not all. There's quick and easy Facebook access from the home screen and a whole Ovi Store of funky little apps. Nokia Messaging means you can email and IM, but check how much data costs if you're on pay as you go.

That's more than likely with the X2 -- Nokia says it'll set you back a paltry €85 (£75), but UK pricing is yet to be announced. It should be out worldwide in June, in a choice of silver and blue or red and black.