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Nokia Tube appears in 'The Dark Knight'?

The phone that Lucius Fox used in the 'Dark Knight' movie may have been the Nokia Tube.

Nokia Tube makes an appearance in the Dark Knight
Nokia Tube makes an appearance in the Dark Knight. Wired's Gadget Lab

Warning: this Crave post may contain minor spoilers of the Dark Knight movie.

It is both a curse and a blessing that as an editor who reviews cell phones here at CNET, I have a tendency to notice mobile gadgets in almost every TV show and every movie I come across. And so it was with the recent Batman flick, the Dark Knight, that I noticed a very intriguing touch-screen handset that I've never seen before. Lucius Fox (played by Morgan Freeman) showed this slick-looking Nokia cell phone that was able to send sonar waves in 3D, letting him pull up a 3D sonar map of its location. Other blogs have noticed this phone as well, and have identified it as the yet-to-be-released Nokia Tube, which we have blogged about on Crave before. Of course, Nokia has mentioned that the phone seen in the film is not available commercially, but we can't help but speculate it's a taste of what's to come.

Some recent rumored spec lists have surfaced, hinting that the Nokia Tube will have a 3.2-megapixel camera, a wide-screen display, GPS, a 3.5 mm headset jack, Bluetooth, HSDPA, haptic feedback, and more. From what I could tell from its brief moments in the movie, the Nokia Tube looks like quite the slender device, and perhaps even smaller than the current iPhone. Of course, I can't tell a whole lot more from that, but perhaps this recent bout of fame means Nokia will spill the beans on the Tube sooner rather than later.