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Nokia to Google: Android is potty

Nokia doesn't like Google's new open-source mobile platform. Well, why would it?

It stinks to be a mobile phone company right about now. Take, for instance, Nokia. The company has long thought of itself as the king of mobile innovation, yet along comes Apple with its iPhone and changes the rules of the game.

Just when it was at least still in charge of the software that runs on its devices, Google shows up with its open-source Android platform. Nokia, not surprisingly, thinks Android is neither new nor threatening:

Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo dismissed Android saying his company had already ventured down that path. "Conceptually, we [Nokia] could have made that announceme nt a long time ago."

What else could it say? Besides, why does Nokia have so little show for its open-source efforts if it's been "such a long time?" My take? This is a threat and one that Nokia will increasingly take seriously.