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Nokia threatens to break Samsung's KitKat

In a tweeted waving of the fists, Nokia's German arm displays a suitable aggression toward its Android rival.

Snappy. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In a fight to the death, the only satisfaction comes from breaking your opponent in two and swallowing each half during your lunch break.

I am sorry if this sounds unduly combative, but I've just seen a tweet from Nokia that is Finnishly feisty.

No, I don't mean the Feist who used to sing over Apple ads. Rather, this tweet, emerging from the deeper areas of Nokia's German operation, promises to perform an aggressively surgical operation on Google's latest version of Android.

Google started it.

Yesterday, it posted a very amusing film that mocked Apple's Jony Ive.

Someone at Nokia in Germany saw this and had an attack of the achtungs. Perhaps they decided that, even though Cupertino was the target, they should get their retaliation in first. Just in case.

Soon afterward, Nokia's Twitter account was adorned with a statement of (ill) intent.

For there was an image of a Samsung Galaxy S3 snapped in two. Accompanying it was the message: "Have a break... #Kitkat #Nokia."

Naturally, opinion was divided as to the wisdom of this tweet. While it enjoyed many retweets, some offered tweaks.

A twitterer called Skrill-Daily mused: "@NokiaHomebase and that tweet is coming from a company that won't exist anymore in 2014? I guess that bottom 2% burns eh!!??!!"

But why should Nokia cower? Personally, I find the thought that there might be no more Nokia phones especially painful.

My first ever cell phone was a Nokia and I was as loyal as a lapdog, until the company had few (or no) phones for sale in the US.

I then went over to a darker side. The guilt still gnaws.

One can imagine how Google (and/or Samsung) might choose to respond.

Perhaps with a Nokia logo made out of chocolate. Melting chocolate.