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Nokia teases September 5 event, says 'things are about to change'

The company is expected to discuss its future with Windows Phone at the event.

The new Windows Phone start screen on the Nokia Lumia 900.
The new Windows Phone start screen on the Nokia Lumia 900. Josh Miller/CNET

Nokia is promising big things for a September 5 event in New York City.

The mobile company today posted a video showing a woman riding a bike down a street. About midway through that clip, a text overlay comes up that reads: "Things are about to change." The video's description on YouTube adds a bit more details, saying that the change is coming "5 September 2012. Stay tuned!"

Nokia announced earlier this month that it will host a New York press conference on September 5. The company said the event will be in partnership with Microsoft, leading many to believe that Windows Phone 8-bundled devices will take center stage.

Microsoft made some waves with Windows Phone 8, saying that Windows Phone 7-based devices won't be upgradeable to the new operating system. Instead, the devices will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 -- a version that adds some of the features found in Microsoft's new operating system, but not all of them.