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Nokia teams with Warner Music

The deal will allow Warner to offer song clips from emerging artists, ring tones and multimedia message templates for Nokia 3300 owners.

Nokia on Monday struck an agreement to offer Warner Music Group songs through its upcoming Nokia 3300 music phone.

The deal will allow Warner to offer song clips from emerging artists, ring tones, multimedia message templates and wallpaper graphics for Nokia 3300 owners. Nokia will also include a CD-ROM with full-length tracks from Warner Music International artists that can be downloaded onto the 3300.

Nokia unveiled the 3300 in March as part of a line of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones. The 3300 is the model that focuses on music, offering digital playback in the popular MP3 format and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).

More companies are beginning to embrace AAC, a technology developed by Dolby Laboratories, AT&T, the Fraunhofer Institute and Sony Electronics. Last week, America Online announced it would use AAC as the streaming audio format for its Net radio services, joining Apple Computer's iTunes as major AAC supporters. Online music subscription service MusicNet is planning to embrace AAC as well.

Along with the digital playback features, the Nokia 3300 offers an FM radio tuner, a digital recorder, ring tones and messaging capabilities. The phone also comes with a 64 MB MMC memory card.

Nokia has not disclosed when it will ship the 3300.