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Nokia T7 leaked, hopefully neither a tablet, nor a Terminator

A mysterious new Nokia device, called the Nokia T7-00, has popped up on the Ovi Publisher Tool. Not much is clear about the mysterious new product, but there are a few specs we can glean...

Fire up the rumour mill: it's time to make speculation bread! A new Nokia device has been leaked in Ovi Publisher Tools -- a piece of software for app developers on Nokia's Ovi Store. The new device is called the T7-00, or more likely the T7 at launch.

From the leak, spotted by, it's possible to glean that the T7 will be running Symbian 3, and will have a screen resolution of 360x640 pixels -- the same as the Nokia N8.

The T7 also has what's called a 'user agent profile' at A UA profile is something used by developers, and describes the capabilities, features and details of a mobile device. In the case of the T7, there's not much extra to learn from this, but it's more reason to believe the T7 exists, and will eventually be announced properly.

You can see the T7 in the image above, nestled atwixt the Nokia X7 and the infamous N8. We're familiar with the X-, N-, E- and C-series Nokia mobiles, but T is a new one on us -- we associate T-series products more with robot assassins than we do with mobiles.

The obvious conclusion to jump to is that the T stands for tablet (it's the same in Finnish), but we really hope this isn't the case -- with only a 360x640-pixel display, it would probably look rather horrible, and we've made no bones about our lack of patience with Symbian 3 as a mobile operating system.

We'll let you know more as soon as we hear it, but for now, put on your floury old apron and get baking some yeasty speculation in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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