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Nokia: Symbian beats Meego for enterprise

Nokia's business smartphone chief reveals the company will stick with Symbian as its "primary platform" for business handsets, even when its top-end MeeGo OS is released.

Nokia plans to stick with Symbian as its main business phone platform even when MeeGo, its new top-end operating system, is released.

On Tuesday, Nokia business smartphones chief Ilari Nurmi told ZDNet UK that Nokia had "great converged device plans based on the MeeGo platform" and that there were "different types of needs and wants in the enterprise market," but the new OS would not be pitched at the enterprise as a replacement for the aging Symbian.

"It's very important to note that Symbian is the primary platform today and will also be the primary platform in the future," Nurmi said.

MeeGo is intended to span devices ranging from smartphones to notebook computers. It is already available as a Netbook OS but is yet to appear on a handset. The first MeeGo phone is due in 2011.

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