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Nokia slaps Apple with backhander during iPhone event

Nokia takes a look at the colorful iPhone 5C and sees, well, itself. It has to tweet what it sees. Then its UK arm decides to mock the gold 5S.

Aw. How sweet. Nokia/Twitter

Your level of whelmed after Tuesday's Apple event might depend on your level of loyalty.

The folks at (Micro)Nokia, however, were moved to paroxysms when they saw the new iPhone 5C.

They racked their brains as to where they'd seen it before. The mirror, that's where.

So out went a tweet on multiple Twitter accounts that offered, quite simply: "Thanks, Apple."

Was (Micro)Nokia sincere in its admiration of the pretty iPhone 5C with the plastic back and joyous colors? Was it grateful that Apple was still the finest, most innovative phone creator on the planet?

In a way. For accompanying the tweet was a picture of a lot of joyously colorful Nokia phones and the headline: "Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery."

The good people at (Micro)Nokia UK then fanned the Twitter flames by tweeting: "Real Gangsters Don't Use Gold Phones."

Accompanying it was an image. Oh, take a look below.

Of course, this was all in good humor. MicroNokia has its own little challenges ahead, such as finding a way to raise its market share from the micro level.

One can't help feeling, though, that these tweets expressed some relief that Apple hadn't surprised anyone at all.

Not glittery. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET