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Nokia shows off PureView camera phone

Nokia has posted a new video on YouTube showing images taken by a phone to be revealed at Mobile World Congress.

Are you curious about what Nokia is bringing to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) phone expo in Barcelona next week? Nokia thought you might be, so it's put together a tiny taster of one of its major announcements in the form of the video above.

It would seem that the rumour about Nokia launching a phone with its "largest image sensor to date" will come to fruition at MWC, with the video showing Nokia teasing "pure depth" and "pure definition". These are marketing buzz terms to be sure, but the images in the video speak for themselves.

The new handset will likely run on Nokia's Symbian Belle platform, which has been receiving high praise for pundits overseas for being easier and faster to use than previous versions of the Symbian OS. Matched with Nokia's always excellent handset design and the PureView could be one to watch when it launches later in the year.

Via YouTube