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Nokia plans 8-inch tablet plus new Lumias, reports say

Nokia has just unveiled the 10-inch Nokia Lumia 2520 and a smaller Windows tablet is in the works along with new Lumia phones.

Nokia has just unveiled its first tablet -- the 10-inch Nokia Lumia 2520 -- and reports say a smaller Windows tablet is in the works too, to take on the Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad mini

According to reliable tipster EvLeaks, the as-yet-unconfirmed 8-inch Lumia tablet is codenamed 'Illusionist', perhaps because it's intended to give the illusion someone actually wants to buy a Nokia tablet.

Just kidding, Nokia. The rumoured smaller slate is set to run Windows 8.1 RT, the tablet version of Windows 8.1 that only runs tablet apps.

At the opposite end, leaked details have also emerged on MyNokiaBlog from China about a new low-cost Windows Phone. The rumoured Lumia 525 is set to replace the hugely popular Lumia 520, an affordable model recently named by Nokia as one of the driving forces behind improved smart phone sales.

The 525 is reported to be essentially the 4-inch, dual-core 520 but with the memory ramped up to 1GB instead of 512MB. Meanwhile, leaked specs have also been published by WPCentral for the 929, purported follow-up to the Lumia 928, boasting a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 1080p screen.

All this is yet to be confirmed, however; a Nokia spokesman told me the company does not comment on future releases.

Nokia is making inroads to the mobile phone market with its Lumia phones running Windows Phone thanks to a marketing blitz and a wide range of phones, from affordable models like the 520, up to the Lumia 1020. With two new phablets -- the 6-inch 1520 and 1320 -- on the way, it seems Nokia is on the fast track to offering a Lumia at any screen size you care to mention. Well heck, it worked for Samsung.

Can Nokia 'do a Samsung' and blitz the market with a wide range of phones and tablets? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.