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Nokia online shop: SIM-free mobiles a la carte

Nokia has listened to the shrill cries of mobile lovers in the UK and finally launched an online shop that sells SIM-free mobiles and accessories

If there's one thing that gets up Crave's collective gadget-loving nose, it's being unable to upgrade our mobile phones easily. After taking ages to decide which mobile phone you want to get, along comes another one two days later that's so much better it makes your puny little handset look like a really expensive paperweight.

The smart thing for mobile phone companies to do would be to set up their own sites with SIM-free handsets that you can buy directly from them. But Nokia has done just that -- so if you feel like you deserve an upgrade and are willing to splash out some cash then your dreams have come true.

The Nokia online shop doesn't just sell phones, it sells headsets, in-car accessories and almost any bits and bobs you can think of for your Nokia phone. It's all competitively priced and you can be assured that you're getting the real deal. If you're interested, check out the UK Nokia site and browse away. -AL