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Nokia N97 on sale today for £500

If you've been itching to slap down your hard-earned for a Nokia N97, today's your lucky day. It's hitting the Nokia store any minute

You've waited long enough. From today, you'll be able to sign on the dotted line for a Nokia N97 of your very own, as the hotly-anticipated new N-series phone goes on pre-order if you pony up a monkey.

The N97 has fast become one of the most fiercely-desired phones we've ever lusted after since it was first announced at the end of last year. It packs a touchscreen and slide-out Qwerty keypad, pacy HSDPA and Wi-Fi, a 5-megapixel camera and hugemungous 32GB baked-in memory. You'll also be able to access applications on the Ovi Store.

Being the gadget gurus we are, we've already had our hands on the N97 for an advance preview and there's a lot to like even in our pre-production sample.

The N97 is set to be available for pre-order today in black or white, exclusively from the Nokia online shop, for £499 SIM-free.