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Nokia N96: 16GB genius phone

Nokia has announced its new N96 smart phone. It replaces the N95 and features a massive 16GB of internal memory

You heard it! Nokia's new N96 handset has landed, and by heaven it's sexy! The phone wasn't a total shock as the N95 has been hugely successful. It is, of course, replacing the N95 but seriously builds on its predecessor's features, notably by bumping the internal memory to a whopping 16GB. It's also got a microSD slot, should 16GB not be enough for you mobile media lovers.

Like the N95 it's a dual slider, giving you quick access to your multimedia collection. It also retains the 5-megapixel camera, but this time it's got twin LED lights for those darker shots on the dance floor. Other features include a 71mm (2.8-inch) display, full-size 3.5mm headphone socket, mobile TV reception (DVB-H), Wi-Fi and GPS.

Expect hands-on pics and UK availability details soon. We're very bitter to have just got our N95 8GB handsets, because 16GB will hold a hell of a lot more pictures of Maria Sharapova doing every kind of bending known to man. Click through for some more pics. Of the N96, that is. -Nate Lanxon

Update: Our intrepid reporter Andrew Lim has had his eager hands on the Nokia N96 here and there is a Nokia N96 video on the site too.

Like the N95, the N96 slides to reveal music controls.

Check out that N-Gage gaming action!