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Nokia Lumia 'EOS' has whopping camera hole in leaked pics

Photos purportedly showing Nokia's photo-centric new smart phone have emerged, teasing a huge camera unit.

Pictures purportedly showing Nokia's photo-centric 'EOS' smart phone have appeared online, suggesting the long-rumoured mobile will play host to a gigantic camera unit.

The photos appeared on Chinese-language site WPDang, and appear to have been sent to the site by an anonymous tipster. The photo above shows a device that looks just like a normal Lumia phone, but has a whopping great hole where the camera should be.

That fits with speculation that Nokia is prepping a Windows Phone 8 device that will employ ludicrously powerful camera components, à la the 808 PureView.

The picture below shows the mysterious mobile alongside what looks like a Lumia 920, and captures a protruding camera that certainly recalls Nokia's 41-megapixel camera phone.

There's no way of knowing whether these photos are the genuine article, so take 'em with a pinch of salt. Putting its existing camera tech into a Lumia phone would certainly make sense for the Finnish phone-maker, though.

At the launch of the Lumia 925 Nokia said it would be debuting a new product this summer, so perhaps we don't have long to wait. Rumours peg the 'EOS' as having a 4.5-inch display, and brand-new camera software that lets you control manual focus.

Nokia could certainly use a boost to its fortunes, having taken a pummelling over the last few years at the hands of Apple and Samsung. Would you like to see a Lumia phone with a honking great snapper? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.