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Gold-trimmed Nokia Lumia 930 arrives in style

The top-class Windows 8.1 phone brandishes a fashionable new look.

The glitzy gold version of the Nokia Lumia 930 is now available. Josh Miller/CNET

It's fitting that the best Windows phone out there is now offered in fashionable gold hue. The dolled-up Nokia Lumia 930 is now available unlocked and from select carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Identical to the all-white and silver model, this version features a gold trim that gives the 5-inch handset a delicately refined look. There's an option of a black or white back cover, however we were only able to get our hands on the white and gold model.

Aside from its eye-catching build, the Nokia Lumia 930 is a highly-lauded Windows 8.1 smartphone thanks to its sharp screen and quick camera. Pricing for it depends on the carrier and country. You can get a SIM-free model from Nokia directly for £440 in the UK or in Australia and the US, you can find it unlocked from various online retailers for around AU$700 or $600.